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Cloth Wipers

Industrial Quality Wiping Cloths, Rags, Polishing Cloths, Huck Towels, Recycled Wiping Rags

You'll appreciate our quality & service, but you'll love our low prices! One Call Does It All!

We stock a vast variety of cloth wipers for virtually any wiping/cleaning application. All of our material is selected from quality grades and is continually inspected for consistency. Each wiper is cut to a generous size to ensure that every wiper is usable, yet not too large to be wasteful.

Packaging - We offer very flexible packaging choices. All material is available in 5, 25 or 50 lb. boxes and 100, 150, or 1000 lb. bales.

Recycled Wipers - Industrial strength wipers prepared from clean used clothing, sheets and towels. They are designed for heavy duty cleaning and are an economical substitute for weak paper towels or expensive "rented" shop towels. All wipers are free from zippers, snaps, buttons and pins. Call for assistance in choosing the correct wiper for your job.

White Knit Cotton white t-shirt material
White Knit Print Cotton white t-shirt printed material
Color Knit Cotton color t-shirt material
White Fleece Cotton blend white sweatshirt material
Color Fleece Cotton blend color sweatshirt material
Flannel Cotton flannel sheets or shirt material
Corduroy Cotton shirt or pant material
White Sheets Cotton white muslin sheets
Color Sheets Cotton color muslin sheets
No.1 Colored Cotton shirt or pant material
Marine White Cotton white shirt or pant material
Soft White Blanket 100% cotton knit reclaimed material
Painter Rag Cotton white knit material
Terry Cloth Cotton terry
Huck Towel Cotton color, new or reclaimed
Bar Towels !00% Cotton


Use Purposes:

  • White Knits - Best grade of white cotton knit. Ideal for polishing, staining and any application where softness and purity are essential.
  • Color Knits - Washed colored cotton polo. Ideal for auto shops, electrical and maintenance contractors.
  • White Fleece - Washed white cotton sweatshirt material. Very absorbent and soft, uniformly sized value priced material. Ideal for body shops and automotive repair.
  • Colored Fleece - Perfect for a variety of applications. Our cotton shop rags are actually made from worn sweatshirts. Sturdy cotton fabric is known absorbency and durability - wet or dry.
  • Flannel - Washed cotton. Excellent for polishing automotive finishes and metal.
  • Corduroy - Washed cotton, wide and narrow wailed material, perfect for machine shops, refineries and most metal fabricators.
  • White Sheeting - Cotton blend, uniformly sized pieces, reclaimed. Good general purpose wiper.
  • Colored Sheeting - Washed cotton, sterilized, lintless, reclaimed material.
  • No. 1 Colored - 100% washed colored cotton - premium grade, uniformly sized pieces. Great for machine shops and maintenance departments.
  • Marine White - 100% washed white cotton - premium grade, virtually lint-free cotton. Excellent for polishing, staining and glass cleaning applications. Uniformly sized pieces
  • Soft White Blankets - 100% cotton knit reclaimed material. Great for solvent and chemicals
  • Painters Rag - Soft absorbent cotton knit for use with oil based paints, acrylics and enamels. The best value for all painting applications.
  • Terry Cloth - Washed cotton, terry on both sides, reclaimed material. Excellent for janitorial.
  • Huck Towel - New or Recycled - General cleaning, glass, windows, mirrors, walls, bathroom, counter tops, kitchen, pot holder, etc.


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